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If you sign up for a photo package, you MUST check in to the media table the day of the event and get marked. If you do not come to the media table and check in, we WILL NOT know who you or your team is. 
Each athlete will be marked with identifying mark to display you have signed up for media coverage. If you don't have these marks, you will not be photographed. NO REFUNDS will be given if you fail to check in before the first workout. By signing up for the package you agree to everything listed above. 

When you sign up for a photo package, it will be listed under the team leader/ or individual that purchased the package on the teams behalf. ALL TEAM MEMBERS must be present at time of Media check in to be marked. 


How to find us: 

We will have a table at the event (near event athlete check in) where it will say "PHOTO PACKAGE CHECK IN" in which your team will come up and get marked once we see you have paid on our list. You may also buy a photo package
the day of the event if you choose to. Extra fees may apply for packages purchased the day of the event. 

The Media team will take a bunch of images, and we guarantee no less than 10 high quality photos per team, don't worry we always produce more than that. 

Photo Delivery
The Media Team will be editing photos as quickly as possible. We will do our best to have the images completed within 5 business days from the events completion. Once complete they will be uploaded to galleries on this website. You will be notified via email and social media channels when they are ready and will provide the gallery link.

Purchasing this photo package is acknowledgement that any photographers on the Wodamania
 Team, and the event owners have the athlete's consent to use these photos in a commercial capacity.
All Rights Reserved.



The images provided from your photo package purchase are for personal use only (Instagram, Facebook, twitter and etc.) Please do not use the images for commercial use to advertise a business without permission. If you have the intention of using the images for commercial purposes or sponsorships, please contact us so we can arrange a conversation with the sponsor to have the Wodamania paid for the rights for said sponsor to use for commercial purposes.


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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